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Madrid y Lisboa, new Bluesock Hostels destinations

2018 represents the consolidation of Grupo Carrís’ young brand, as it expands with two new hostels in the capitals of Spain and Portugal. The opening of Bluesock Hostels Lisboa, scheduled for next spring, means room for more than 300 guests only a few meters from Avenida da Liberdade, in a building adjacent to the famous Tivoli Theatre. Inside, travellers will …

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Hotel Carrís Porto Ribeira expands with new rooms and luxury apartments

November 2017 marks the completion of the expansion project at Carrís Porto Ribeira, our four-star hotel located in the Ribeira de Porto. The new spaces opening in this historic building include 159 new rooms, many of them with views of the Duero River, the Forno Velho restaurant addition, new multi-purpose event rooms, and the Nomadik Lounge bar with an indoor …

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