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Madrid y Lisboa, new Bluesock Hostels destinations

2018 represents the consolidation of Grupo Carrís’ young brand, as it expands with two new hostels in the capitals of Spain and Portugal.

The opening of Bluesock Hostels Lisboa, scheduled for next spring, means room for more than 300 guests only a few meters from Avenida da Liberdade, in a building adjacent to the famous Tivoli Theatre. Inside, travellers will find 58 rooms, both shared and private, as well as numerous common areas, including a terrace to chill out on the top floor of the building, which will also house a lounge bar with incredible views of the Tagus River.

Bluesock Hostels Madrid will be the brand’s first establishment in Spain. Occupying three floors in a historic building on Madrid’s Gran Vía, this hostel will offer space for nearly 200 guests in rooms characterized by their design and comfort.

Following in line with our first hostel in Porto, the new hostels will provide their guests with all kinds of activities and events in their spacious common areas, as well as packages designed to experience and explore the city in the best company.